Car & Light Truck repairs

Whether it is a minor or major repair, heavy vehicle or small, we fix them all.
We can do Pickup / Delivery (distance dependent), have Courtesy cars available (bookings essential) and are an Autosure, Driveright and MTA approved repairer.

Brakes and ABS Systems

  • Brake line & hose replacements
  • Disc pad replacements
  • On-site disc and drum machining
  • Brake calliper rebuilds and replacements
  • Master cylinder rebuilds and replacements
  • ABS diagnostic and fault finding
  • All ABS component repair and replacements

Suspensions and Shock Absorbers

  • All suspension components including bushes, shock absorbers, control arms and sway bar bushes replacements
  • General repair and WOF requirements

Electronic Diagnostics

  • Engine check light faults
  • Engine performance faults and repairs
  • Airbag, ABS and dashboard warning light diagnostics
  • All electronic component diagnostics and repairs
car electronic diagnostics

Exhaust Systems

  • All exhaust system component replacements and repairs
  • Catylic converters and DPF filter faults and replacements
  • Pipe and muffler repairs and replacements

Cambelt Replacement

  • Same day service
  • Replacement of cambelt, idlers, seals, tensioners and water pump if required

Air Conditioning and Cooling systems

  • Re-gassing air conditioning systems
  • All components repairs and replacements
  • Flushing and servicing
  • Heater care and radiator replacements
  • Water pump and hose replacements
car airconditioning

Electrical Component Replacements

  • Window regulators and switches
  • Air conditioning heater control units
  • Lighting systems from bulbs to combination switches

Quotes & Estimates

All quotes and estimates are at no charge for all known mechanical failures and repairs.
We are an approved repairer for WINZ customers and can provide written quotes when required.

approved repairer Tauranga